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With winter finally behind us, it’s time to embrace the spring with our pick of seasonal recipes with produce at its peak. Lets put Spring into Action in the kitchen this season. Here are some delicious tips to bring those kitchens to live!



It’s less tender than the forced variety, but has an incredible depth of flavour. The tangy aroma lends itself to both sweet and savoury dishes – we love it paired with its dreamiest accompaniment, custard, in these delicate tartlets.

Wild garlic

With a sweet, onion-like flavour, it’s endlessly versatile in the kitchen – try blitzing it into pesto, or use it to infuse olive oil. Wild garlic is also amazing paired with another seasonal spring stalwart, jersey royal potatoes, in this simple veggie side dish.


A distant cousin of mustard, wasabi and radish, this vivid green leaf has a peppery aroma. Finely chop the stems to toss into stir-frys, then use the leaves in simple spring salads or soups, or scattered over these gluten-free flatbreads. 


Although you can get hold of spinach all year round, and is also a doddle to grow yourself. Milder, younger leaves are good to eat raw in salads, while older ones benefit from being quickly blanched until just soft (remember to drain thoroughly, as spinach will hang on to moisture). The bitter flavour is the perfect foil for cheese, as in this hearty filo pie.


With a sweet, earthy flavour, broccoli makes a lovely side dish to lamb or fish (for a luxurious twist, try adding a few finely sliced anchovies). The sprouted version is our personal favourite – make it the star of the show in these speedy chickpea pancakes, topped with broccoli and parmesan. 


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