We Love Wedding Stickers

We love beautiful weddings! Today’s modern bride is breaking away from the more traditional look and feel and personalizing their wedding with décor and creative ideas that compliments their personalities, relationship and their love stories… So for the more creative do-it-yourself bride here is some clever and creative ways to customize your big day... 

Wedding vinyl decals stickers is fast becoming a trend with the modern bride! You can use wedding vinyl decals in several ways: 

1. Table decor which can include anything from vases to candle holders, chairs and tables

2. Catering utensils which includes items such as wine glasses, champagne glasses, good old jam jars, and plates 

3. Sweets and dessert tables 

4. Gifting 

5. Wedding reception area, walls, and floors 

6. Isle runners 

7. Wedding cars 

8. Honey Moon Fund Jars 

9. Bride and groom shoes

To view some of our beautiful wedding stickers visit our ‘I-Do-It’ section and if you prefer to have your own customized designed wedding stickers you can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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