5 Local Interior Design Trends for 2016


Trends come and go, but skills last a lifetime. An interior designer doesn’t just know how to put a room together, they also have the ability to predict the natural evolution of a current trend to foresee it’s next progression into a future trend. DECO chatted to GetSmarter about the interior design trends to look out for in 2016:

1. It's all about the Outdoors

You don’t need to step foot outside to indulge in the wild outdoors. Bring Mother Nature home to roost with elements of flora and botanical's. Think wall paper, decor accessories and indoor plants. Going out was never more appealing than staying in.



2. Keep it Local 

Be more conscious of your carbon footprint and stick to local produce. By sticking to South African artisanal products, you’re minimizing transport effects, furthering the economy and creating jobs. We have such incredible local talent – go support them!


3. Geo 2.0

Geometrics are nothing new to the trends scene, but this year take it one step further. Rather than a simplistic geo element here and there, go for bold with geometric floors, counter tops and walls, with a specific focus on wood and cement.


4. Mineral Beauty

Minerals are big business this year. Not just the stuff of your childhood Scratch Patch exploits, start searching for untreated semi-precious stones and beautiful blocks of quartz and malachite. This is all about those display pieces so show off these items as center pieces, door stops, paper weights or focal decor.


5. Sustainability

We showed you all there is to know about living stylishly and sustainable in our #GreenIssue last year, but just in case you thought it was a passing fad, eco-consciousness is here to stay. When considering a purchase, do your research and always lean towards products that are re purposed, reused or reinvented, with little to no carbon footprint.

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