Meet Ninya van Zyl

I love beautiful and inspiring quotes, stories, movies, art, home decor, gifting and everything that can decorate your home and your life! Born and raised in South Africa, I graduated from High School in the year 2000. Soon after that I traveled to the United Kingdom where I started my BA in Psychology while pursuing a career in the corporate world. Eventually after 6 years I returned home where I did not just fall in love, but fell in love with this beautiful country, South Africa all over again.

We have a country that oozes with art, culture and language. In 2015 I was nominated as one of the 15 females from the Vaal Triangle to complete an Enterprising Women Programme for start-up female entrepreneurs at NWU, and that is when the love story of my business and brand started. I combined everything I loved and was passionate about - everything from words, language, art, creativity, decor, retail, marketing, public relations, corporate social investment, internet and online shopping...

I decided to leave the corporate world after serving my skills for more than a decade to very successful and reliable brands. A journey I was blessed to be part of, from which I have gained tremendous experience and knowledge.

So I started my online shop 'That Little Decor Company', a place where you can shop and find 'creative ideas at a click of a button'!

May you enjoy every shopping experience and much as I enjoy creating and sourcing the products!

Yours sincerely


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